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Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

Most people who want lengthening surgery  are not satisfied with their body appearance. The body image is the way we perceive ourselves. The length or shortness of our height is not only about how many centimeters we are, but also how we perceive ourselves according to our body and leg ratio.

By looking at the distribution of height in society, we can evaluate the average length of society and who is taller and shorter than society. In studies, the average height in men is 173 cm and women 163cm. The lower limit of normal height is 166 cm for men and 153 cm for  women. Below these lengths is considered short. But what really matters is how one perceives oneself.

The aim of aesthetic length extension is to extend the person's height in a healthy way and to perform the process without any loss of function in the process. Therefore, the most appropriate method for such surgery is to use nail systems that are placed inside the bone and provide lengthening. With the development of technology, precice  stryde nails were produced, a model capable of carrying loads of these nails.

Stryde benefits


  • 400% increased post-operative weight bearing (vs. Precice)

  • Reinforced internal mechanism

  • Patient preferred treatment option2,3

  • Customizable lengthening protocol

  • Novel Precice magnetic technology

  • Up to 80mm of distraction

  • Nail may be reverse

What is the lengthening process?

The person who wants to extend his height cosmetically is examined in our clinic first. The size of the Precice Stryde nail to be used on the leg length film of the examined patient is determined and the nail is ordered for the patient. This process lasts for 3-4 weeks.  Surgery is planned on x-ray graphs taken.

On the agreed day, the patient is hospitalized. After the preoperative preparations of the patient are completed, the patient is taken to surgery. The duration of surgery is 2-3 hours. 1 day after the operation, the person is carried out with the help of a walker. 3 days after the hospital, the patient is placed in the hotel room. In this process, the patient is taught to walk and exercise during the day. 7. Day Precice Stryde intramedullary nails are taught how to extend the patient with an external control device. 17. Day x-ray x-ray of the patient is taken. The patient who learns the exercises he needs to do can go home. The patient sends an X-ray of his leg to his doctor every three weeks. In this process, the patient can walk with 2 canedians. After the elongation is completed, the patient is monitored until the bone formation is completed with monthly X-rays.

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